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Sensia Hotel is located in the village of Oia, Santorini. The most beautiful village of Santorini with the unique architecture and the magnificent sunset will become your sanctuary for a holidays experience that reflects the beauty and authenticity of a destination like no other!

When creating the authentic accommodation proposals of Sensia Hotel, we sought to encapsulate the magnificence of Oia in all its glory while staying true to the essentials of island living. Our new, bright and spacious rooms offer the best of modern comfort with traditional style and state of the art smart room technology designed to further enhance your stay and welcome you to an unforgettable experience. 



A spectacle of beauty and tradition

A destination that leaves no one untouched



Santorini is considered one of the most famous destinations in the world.

The unparalleled sunset and the numerous romantic settings found throughout the island make Santorini a true Fantasy Island for lovers. The fine wines from award-winning local vineyards and the exquisite tastes of the local cuisine make it a culinary haven. All in all Santorini is what heaven on earth would feel like.

The cataclysmic eruption of the volcano 3600 years ago marked the beginning of the legend of Santorini as Atlantis. Because of this legend, the fascinating ancient history and the ever-present volcano, it is no wonder that the island holds such a unique place in the hearts of all who venture there.

Words can barely describe the wild beauty that blends with the romantic ambience and the picturesque alleys surrounded by whitewashed traditional houses. For those who have visited this magical island, Santorini is a matchless experience. And for those who plan to visit it’s a dream waiting to happen…



A spectacle of beauty and tradition


The Location

Oia Village is located on the north end of Santorini, and it is undeniably the most beautiful and popular village on the island, if not all-around Greece. Perched on the top of the caldera of Oia, with enchanting whitewashed cave houses and captains’ mansions seemingly hanging from the rocks above the sea, Oia offers spectacular scenery that instantly draws the eye and captures the visitors’ hearts.

Explore cobblestone alleys and admire charming corners full of surprises, jaw-dropping views to the sea, the caldera, the volcanoes and of course, the legendary Oia sunsets.